What type of ensemble would you recommend for my event?

The most appropriate ensemble option involves several factors-the number of guests attending your event, the size of the room etc. It really depends on the particular style of music you would like to have for your special day.
Should I select music for the ceremony?

Yes, you certainly can choose your ceremony music. You may prefer to meet with me for a free live selection session. The advantage is the musician knows the traditions involved.
Can all the music from your repertoire list be performed by any ensemble?

Please view our list of music titles on my website. It indicates which ensembles can play each title.
Can I request a special song/arrangement which is not part of your repertoire list?

Yes. We will try to accommodate your special requests and will even make our own arrangements if necessary.
What time will musicians arrive at the event location?

Musicians will arrive at least 30 to 45 minutes before the starting time in the contract.
Do musicians need any special arrangements to set up?

We will need two or three chairs without arms, a space eight to ten feet wide, general lighting, and AC access.
What if it rains and my event is outdoors?

Our instruments are very valuable. Therefore, shelter from rain, mist, or direct sunlight should be provided.
If the actual ceremony starts (for example) at 3pm, what duration of the Prelude Music should I request when booking?

The Prelude Music can be as short or long as you want. Usually the duration of Prelude Music is 15-30 minutes long.
What if I would like the ensemble to perform overtime?

We can not always guarantee our availability after the contract time is up, but please feel free to ask the group leader 15-20 minutes before the conclusion of the performance.
What is the due date of the final payment?

The final payment is due one week before your event, if you prefer, payment can be sent two weeks in advance.
Can I pay the remaining balance by credit card or personal check?

Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards. Personal checks or bank checks are fine.
How much is the tip per musician?

Though tips are optional, they are greatly appreciated. Tips are usually $20.00 or $25.00 per musician.
Do you play corporate events?

Yes. Businesses are acutely aware of their public image. Our ensembles are sensitive to corporate needs, we perform for both small and large corporations.
How do the musicians dress?

Men wear tuxedos, and women wear elegant black ensembles.
How soon do we need to reserve the ensemble?

It is best to sign a contract as soon as you have chosen the ensemble you love.
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