Event planning is an oppportunity to create special memories of the occasion. If your goal includes having an elegant, friendly atmosphere, then chamber music is the preferred choice. My ensembles know how to play beautiful background music that is never intrusive. Your guests will not have to raise their voices to have a conversation across the table. We actually check to see if the sound is too loud.

An interesting alternative for social events, is to have an informal concert as the highlight of the occasion. The concert's informality is in the brief explanations of the music about to be played. Audiences love this, and it makes the event memorable.

Our setup requirements are minimal. A space eight to ten feet wide, two or three chairs, some general lighting, and AC access. Please note that small ensembles can be quite mobile. We can move from one place to a second location in the same facility, during an event. Other aspects of our ensemble's performances include early arrival at the site (half hour or more) for setup, and professional dress code. Men wear tuxedos, and women are dressed in elegant black ensembles.

Our corporate performances have included conferences, dinners with speakers, etc. These are some of the organizations we have played for: Legos; New England Newspapers Editors and Managers; TransCanada ; University of Massachusetts Medical School; Worcester Art Museum; Higgins Armory Museum; and many annual events for Massachusetts Senator Richard T. Moore of Uxbridge.

Since our classical music is neither loud nor frenetic, guests will tend to relax and more fully appreciate your event.

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